Entire House Remodel in Palo Alto, CA

Entire House Remodel

Gelber Residence, Palo Alto, CA

The entire house was remodeled and a small extension made in the back of the house. The interior was reconfigured to create the new kitchen, dining, living areas, access to bedrooms and new entry. The entry was relocated from the carport to the side of the house. The new design has clean lines and organization to fit into the “Eichler” mid-century modern house vocabulary.

Some of the design elements include:

  • Interior remodel and addition to a 1,560SF “Eichler” residence including:
  • Reconfigure kitchen and living room.
  • Rework carport and main entry New kitchen and dining area New master suite
  • New windows
  • New services.
  • Existing services relocated from above the roof to ceiling space.
  • New hardwood floors and finishes
  • New fireplace

Existing Plan
New Plan

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